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Do Me a Favor

Variety is the spice of life. It's why we have seven different bon bon flavors and why we take great pleasure in helping brides and grooms design custom wedding favor boxes that capture the spirit of their special day. 

When Pascal and I got married, long before the idea of bon bon business had ever been conceived, we had chocolates at both our wedding dinner (in Manhattan) and our wedding reception (which followed six months later in Wilmington). My friend Jannette bought us white chocolate Eiffel Towers to serve as favors to the twenty guests who attended our actual wedding. When it came time to plan for the reception, we decided to buy more white chocolate Eiffel Towers, but pair them with liquor-infused truffles that we would put in favor boxes at each place setting.  They would also double as placecards for our guests.

Our wedding colors were lavendar and white, which were determined by Pascal. He wore a suit instead of a tuxedo to our small, intimate wedding, and chose his tie at Thomas Pink. I told him that whatever tie color he chose would determine the color scheme for our wedding.  Et voila!

I bought favor boxes online and lavendar silk flowers in the wholesale district of Manhattan, and spent weeks creating handmade gift tags, the backs of which I dipped in glue and then white glitter. When we started assembling the boxes, they didn't look nearly as lush as I wanted them to look. Something was missing--poufs!! I decided that we needed an organza pouf under each silk flower. The poufs had to be sewn by hand, and I recruited my long-suffering friend Cory (who has been roped into a million crazy jobs like this at Dupray family parties) to sew poufs which I would then glue along with the silk flowers to each favor box. After many delirious hours (and many hot glue gun burns), the boxes were finally assembled.  Then, because I simply couldn't leave anything to chance, we went through the 120-person guest list and tried to determine which of the four truffle favors each guest would like best. At the time, I didn't consider myself to be a Bridezilla, but as I tell this story, I'm thinking I may have to reconsider...

What I know for sure is that my first serious favor-making experience taught me a lot in preparation for the bon bon business. Since then, we've made thousands of custom favors (our largest order to date was 650 for one event), and I've learned what to do and what not to do. I also try to caution do-it-yourself brides against taking on this task. It seems quite easy, but it's much harder than it looks.  Our last do-it-yourself bride delegated the assembly of her favor boxes (which she purchased independently before consulting us) to her parents who put every last one of them together backwards. They all had to be re-folded so that the bon bons wouldn't fall out the bottom! At just $3 per completed favor box with one bon bon nestled inside, it's more than worth it to leave the work to us professionals!

Here are is the wedding favor that started it all followed by favor boxes we've recently created to match the themes and the moods of three very different events:

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