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Have You Seen Their Bathroom?

When guests come to our place for a Bon Bon Party, we try to incorporate lots of special touches - fresh flowers, candles for ambiance, great background music, and a pleasing bathroom. We can't help but smile when the first guest visits the bathroom and then comes back to the party and starts nudging friends: "Go check out the bathroom".
What do we do? We fill our old clawfoot bathtub with water and float rose petals, candles, or other flowers on top. During the holidays, the entire bathtub is filled with vintage Christmas tree ornaments. And, on occasion, we've been known to line the entire bottom of the tub with seashells (a trick of this recessionista when the budget was too tight for fresh flowers). These little surprises make a big impact (as evidenced by this photo which was taken by one of our Bon Bon Party guests - yes, people actually take photos of our bathroom!).

Of course, we are not the only people who understand the importance of marketing all of the way from the front door to the water closet door. Check out these crazy restrooms found in hotels, restaurants, and even jewelry stores.  From gold fixtures to voyeuristic women in the men's bathroom, these water closets may not be our style, but they certainly achieve the same effect: they give customers lots to talk about!

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