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I like the word voluptuous. For me, it's one of those words that sounds like its meaning. The French equivalent is "pulpeuse" (or literally, pulp-like). It means voluptuous, curvaceous, sexy. For the French, Marilyn Monroe was "une femme pulpeuse". Although it is usually intended as a compliment, I'd much rather be referred to as voluptuous in English than pulpeuse in French. I was never much for pulp.

Even when I was a skinny little thing, I still had curves: a small waist, a significantly wider bottom, a rounded derriere, and thighs that were "tres pulpeuse". Sadly, I was one of those girls who at 118 pounds thought I was fat! Over the years, I've learned to appreciate my body (although there's still a lot more loving to be done). That's why I couldn't help but laugh when I heard about a new scale for women. When you step on the scale, instead of seeing a number to worry and obsess over, the scale gives you a compliment. It says things like: "You're gorgeous!", "You're hot!", and "You're perfect!". You have to believe these compliments because we all know that the scale never lies!

This genius invention is made by Vuluptuart.com. Going to their site reveals lots of fun products designed to help women celebrate their bodies. The lounging diva with candles caught my eye because to me, it looks just like a woman enjoying a leisurely afternoon of reclining, reading, and eating bon bons. Don't the candles look just like our delicious chocolates? Of course the scale is a little off (we've never made bon bons the size of anyone's thigh!), but the effect still conjures up the life of a "bon bon vivant".

The Vuluptuart site got me thinking about how we try to convince ourselves that certain things are bad. Why do curvy young women think their body shape is wrong? Why do so many women believe that indulging in a piece of quality chocolate is a bad thing to do? One of our biggest fans recently gave me a a good tip - talk about calorie content more often!

Caroline works in a large office where there are lots of women who love our bon bons. Every time we offer a special promotion, she asks the ladies if they'd like her to place an order on their behalf. Inevitably, the women respond with: "I'd love to, but I can't afford the calories; I really shouldn't." But Caroline is such a devotee, she has actually bookmarked the blog post announcing the calorie content of all of our bon bons. She'll remind them: "Are you crazy? You could have 3 Oreos or one amazing Cookies 'n Creme bon bon, and with the bon bon you still save 50 calories!" or she'll say: "2 Cafe au Lait bon bons or 1 coffee drink - what are you waiting for?" This fan (who by the way is thin and petite) understands something I wish all women knew: We should be good to ourselves and good to our bodies. When you allow yourself the pleasure of fully enjoying a gourmet sweet, just one piece of chocolate will feel like so much more. As Caroline says:

"I appreciate [concerns] about caloric intake but SERIOUSLY, the bon bons are SO GOOD, WHO CARES??!!!!!!! I say: 'If you watch your calories on your main meals (take the time to make a yummy salad or yummy lean dish as opposed to grabbing fast food), then desert is where you SPLURGE!!!... Your bon-bon eating (with no shame or counting)...friend, Caroline"


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