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Remembering Christmas 2008

For our 2008 holiday catalog, we had a great time creating Leon the Bon Bon, the bon bon snowman that appeared on the front cover. I told you exactly how it was done in my blog post, Making a Bon Bon Snowman. That catalog also featured a parody of the song, Frosty, The Snowman. It was such a hit with one customer and her daughter, they called us to serenade us with our very own Christmas tune. That kept us smiling for days. Here are the lyrics so you can sing along:

Leon the Bon Bon was a jolly happy soul
A yummy center covered with a chocolate shell

And a tiny hand-dipped needle-made hole

Leon the Bon Bon is a fairy tale they say
He was kind and sweet and so good to eat

And here's what happened one fine day...

There must have been some magic in that special batch of dough
'Cause when Pascal rolled him up and set him down
He looked like he was made of snow
Because I'm just too darned yummy"

But go ahead and eat me, South 'n France will just make more
For the Bon Bon Club, gift certificates, and the online website store
Yes, there's room for everybody on the Bon Bon Gift Checklist
Send them to family, friends and those you hold dear
To help spread sweet Christmas cheer!

O, Leon the Bon Bon
Was a snowman meant to be
He had twig-like arms and earmuffs in red
And a three-bon-bon body

Leon, the Bon Bon certainly wasn't a dummy
He said: "Life is short, mine especially."

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