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Tickled Pink

Even though South 'n France is a micro-company with just two full-time employees, you could say we have a team that spans the nation. While we make bon bons here on the East Coast, an indispensible behind-the-scenes team on the West Coast maintains our shopping cart and website. We've never met in person, but almost four years of working closely together has ensured that this dynamic West coast duo (a husband-and-wife couple) feel more like dear friends than cyber consultants. Last year, the duo became a trio, adding the most gorgeous little girl named Nou (check out that flawless skin and those incredible brown eyes!) to their family and by extension, our South 'n France family. Although most of my email correspondence with Nou's mother, Tess, pertains to business, we occasionally trade baby news and photos. She sends me pictures of Nou - a perfect way to cure the "I'm-having-a-rough-day blues" - and I send her photos of my nephew, Carter.

Recently, much to my delight, this photo landed in my inbox with a message that read: "Charlene, I thought you might get a kick out of this chair :) I saw it while we were out grocery shopping a few days ago and couldn't resist!" Tess wasn't the only one who couldn't resist.  When I saw Nou, happily reclining in her bon bon-inspired throne, I just had to share with you. Did you notice that Nou is also dressed in head-to-toe pink? She's a girl after my own heart: in another recent photo she sported a fabulous pair of pink wading boots.

One of the things I love about children is that they gently and innocently remind us adults about what truly matters in life. Nou is obviously tickled pink with her glamorous polka-dotted sateen chair. Her exuberance makes me realize that it's been a long time since I've lounged and luxuriated in my favorite chair. So, I've posted this photo on my desk to prompt me to spend a little less time working at the computer and a little more time "sitting around eating bon bons" so to speak. After all, shouldn't every day be filled with small pleasures that tickle us pink? Nou seems to think so, and I agree!

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