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Sweet Tweets

I'm usually not on the cutting edge of technology, but thankfully my friend, Millie Holloman (who is a decade younger than I am), helps to keep me in this century. She first introduced to me to Twitter, which allowed me to become one of those 'early adopters'. In other words, I was tweeting before most people knew what a tweet was.

At a recent Bon Bon Party, Twitter came up in the conversation. When I mentioned to our guests that they could follow me on Twitter, one very enthusiastic girl immediately whipped out here iPhone and started following me. When she looked at my profile, which shows how many people follow me, how many people I follow, and how many times I've posted a message on Twitter (or 'tweeted'), she exclaimed with glee: "Ohmigod! You tweet more than Ashton Kutcher!" This, of course, was hyperbole. At this writing Ashton Kutcher has posted about 4500 messages to my 1200 messages and he has about a million more followers than I do, but I was honored that she was impressed by my participation in my favorite social media forum. Although you can find me on MySpace (which is now practically obsolete) and Facebook, it's Twitter that I like best. Here a few reasons why:

  1. It's quick. The format only allows you to type 140 characters at a time. This means that you don't have to spend a lot of time developing elaborate content.
  2. It's easy. There are lots of times I see something interesting or do something interesting and a few rare occasions when I actually think something interesting. It's so easy to just put it out there via Twitter before I forget. Twitter serves as both a micro-journal and a way to have quick, rapid-fire conversations with people I don't actually get to speak with everyday.
  3. It keeps me in the loop. With up-to-the minute updates from our local newspaper, local businesses, artists, and friends in the community, I always know what's going on around town whether it's bad traffic, a good sale, or a film that's playing at Cinematique that night.
  4. It's a fun distraction that's not too distracting. Unlike other spots on the internet (Facebook, blogs), I find that I can flit into Twitter and flit right back out. To me, their bird logo is a perfect symbol of what's fun about Twitter (flitting, fluttering, tweeting, etc.)
  5. I get to 'talk to' and 'listen to' new people. I follow several people on Twitter that I don't actually know. And, I've gotten to know a few people that I didn't previously know via Twitter. It's kind of fun. For example, I follow @pinkgasoline. She is very funny in an outrageous, provocative, kind of way. In real life, I'm sure we'd never actually hang out, but her tweets are so outlandish, they almost always make me laugh. I do like hanging out with her on twitter. The National Candy Association (@CandyUSA) recently re-tweeted something that @ChocolateTruth said. I re-tweeted it too: "A chocolate in the mouth is worth two on the plate". Not long thereafter @gettingdirty (named so because she is into gardening... not THAT kind of dirty), quipped back with a very funny response: "And one in the mouth is worth five on the hips". Now that's funny!
  6. I get to share (and discover) cool stuff. When I saw the YouTube video for the Coca Cola Happiness Machine, I was able to share it with my friends on Twitter. Check it out; it's guaranteed to make you smile. And when I saw that an artist had erected the world's largest disco ball over the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, I encouraged everyone else to marvel at its groovy-ness. Likewise, the people I follow on Twitter send me to places on the web I would never discover on my own to see lots of interesting things.

In short, I guess you could say that Twitter has a lot in common with our bon bons. Each tweet is like a little sweet treat that can be gobbled up quickly or savored over time (I'm still laughing at @gettingdirty’s quick comeback). So what are you waiting for? Join in the conversation, come follow me on Twitter. Yes, Ashton Kutcher, I'm talking to you.


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