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Simple Steps to Happiness, Number 16

Last week, New York Magazine published an article entitled 50 Simple Steps to Happiness. The suggestions range from "Just say yes every time your partner wants to have sex" (number 13) to "Spend some time with animals" (number 39) to "Paint your walls yellow" (number 47).

Here at South 'n France, we would like to draw your attention to step number 16:
"Eat one ounce of dark chocolate a day. It's the new superfood."
—Dr. Jeffrey Morrison, Integrative Medicine and Nutrition

Did you know that each South 'n France Bon Bon weighs approximately one ounce? It's the perfect serving size for a happier you. As the old saying goes (okay, it's not so old, but whatever!): "A bon bon a day keeps depression away!"

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