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Sugar Babies

Meet Olivia (left) and Bella, two of our youngest clients who hail from the D.C. Metro area. One day, when they're all grown up, these two young ladies (and their baby sister who is still a bit too young for bon bons) will have the distinction of saying: "We were raised on the world's finest chocolate bon bons". I imagine the girls uttering this phase very nonchalantly with the hint of a posh British accent, as they come from quite the international background. Between their parents and grandparents alone, there are first-generation ties to England, Jamaica, Iran, and the United States!

These cosmopolitan young ladies have been eating bon bons as a special treat since they were old enough to say 'chocolate'. They have quite sophisticated palates, as they are already able to recognize the significant taste difference between cheap, mass-produced chocolate and fine, handmade artisanal bon bons.

When Olivia walks in the door from school, it has become her habit to request a bon bon! Of course, she always says "May I...?" and "Please!" The girls are lucky enough to have both parents and grandparents who regularly keep their freezers stocked with our delicious treats. Their Mom very kindly snapped this photo of the girls enjoying Cookies 'n Crème Bon Bons when our last (10-pound!) shipment of bon bons arrived just before the holidays. As the girls unwrapped the foils that cover their beloved bon bons, Olivia exclaimed: "Mom, it's just like opening a present!"

We couldn't have said it any better. This Valentine's Day, give your sugar, your baby, and even your sugar babies an entire heart (or tin) full of bon bon presents to unwrap. Whether they're 6 or 60, cosmopolitan or "country", they'll be sure to appreciate your very good taste!

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