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Tradition with a Twist

Here's an easy quiz: On Valentine's Day, it is tradition to give:

a.) a greeting card

b.) flowers

c.) chocolates

d.) all of the above

This year South 'n France has you covered with "all of the above" and a unique memorable twist. We have partnered with Bloomers Florist to offer an incredible "one-call-does-it-all" deal for just $150.00.

Just give us a call (910) 762-6882 and request your preferred delivery date: February 12th, 13th, and 14th. Dressed in her Bon Bon Queen regalia, Charlene will deliver the following to your sweetie:

  • 1 Dozen Gorgeous Pink or Red Roses
  • 1 8-piece South 'n France Hand-Dipped Chocolate Bon Bon Sampler
  • 1 Customized Singing Telegram (the twist!)
  • 1 Personal Message on a Gift Card
  • This package creates an amazing, memorable Valentine's gift at a pricethat can't be beat (it's a $200+ value!) Best of all, your sweetie receives a unique, personal, and unforgettable memory to cherish for years to come.

Not into all of that lovey-dovey stuff? Ask Charlene to sing an anti-Valentine song for your best friend or your single co-workers at the office. After all, no matter what one's "status" (attached or otherwise), flowers, music, and bon bons are always appreciated!


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