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Liberated Corsets and Bon Bons

I love Victoria magazine, Jane Austen, Little Women, good manners, calling cards, petticoats and most things reminiscent of the 19th century. Bon bons fit perfectly into this group of romantic, charming, idealistic things, and so I was not at all surprised (but quite delighted!) when I got a phone call last week from one of the authors of the blog The Corset Liberation Front. Their tagline is: Not Your Grandma's 19th Century.

A reference to our bon bons and some delightfully romantic photos taken by Millie Holloman were included in the post, which was written as an old-fashioned advice column. Here's the dillemma of the young woman seeking advice:

Dear Aunt Fanny,

I find myself in the enviable, but perplexing position of receiving the attentions of two different gentlemen. For several months now, these gentlemen have been calling regularly every week—on different days, of course. This has been quite a pleasant arrangement, but unfortunately, both gentlemen have taken it into their heads to press their suits more vigorously and both have proposed marriage with the expectation of a speedy reply. My question, then, for you, dear Aunt Fanny, is however will I choose?

The first gentleman is a veritable titan of industry in our small town, who owns the local lumber mill. He has a fine house and is always dressed in the latest mode and most expensive fabrics. He also has a fine carriage and hosts entertainments that are very well received by all the best people. His cook is so fine, in fact, that almost everyone in town is willing to overlook his bursts of temper to sample his cook’s latest triumph.

The second gentleman has much smaller means and writes for our local newspaper. In appearance he is handsome, if somewhat more rumpled and less stylish than his rival for my affections. He has a house which could best be described as cozy and no carriage at all. He has never hosted a dinner party, but every week he brings me a box of carefully wrapped bon-bons and a love poem. Some of the poems quite make me blush and the bon-bons are so scrumptious they do not last the afternoon.

What would you do, Aunt Fanny? Which man would you give the key to your heart and the trust of your future?

To read Aunt Fanny's reply, go to The Corset Liberation Front blog. Do you agree with Aunt Fanny's sage advice? I sure do!

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