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Craving Sweet Furniture

I'm all about practicing the Law of Attraction. One technique attraction gurus suggest is "acting as if...". For example, because I want a super-cool Bon Bon Salon retail space, I have to act as if I already have it. This means scouting out locations and doing some mental decorating until my Bon Bon Salon actually materializes.

A good student of all things New Age, I decided to start "decorating" our future Bon Bon Salon with a little internet-based window shopping. Before long, I stumbled upon this utterly fabulous chandelier by Jellio.

Jellio is a fabulous design group that incorporates childhood memorabilia into incredible interior design pieces. Think Rubik's Cube tables, cap gun mirrors, and of course, Gummy Bear chandeliers, lamps, and bookends. I'm craving cupcake stools and an ice cream sandwich bench so badly, I can taste them.

As for the Gummi Bear chandelier, I'm not sure that my powers of attraction are advanced enough to add this item to my shopping list just yet. You see, Jellio intends to make only 10 of these stunning custom chandeliers. Each one is made of approximately 5,000 hand-strung acrylic gummi bears and takes about two months to complete. There is no price listed. And you know the old adage: "If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it." At least not yet....

Got any ideas for the future Bon Bon Salon? Any tips on how I can advance my powers of attraction? I'm listening!

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