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Wedding Bells and Bon Bon Towers

Trump Towers has nothing on us. South 'n France has ventured into the worlds of architecture and real estate. Chocolate architecture, that is. And coveted real estate at wedding dessert bars. Recently, Jennifer of Salt Harbor Design asked us to create Bon Bon Towers for a creative and sophisticated bride with a unique vision for her special day. To communicate what she was after, Jennifer sent over a mood board, a collection of inspirational photos that illustrate the look and tone the event should convey.

The mood board included a photo of a croquembouche, the traditional French wedding "cake". Not a cake at all, the croquembouche, (which comes from the French words croque-en-bouche, meaning 'crunch in the mouth') is a conically shaped tower of cream puffs or profiteroles. It can be decorated with spun sugar, caramel, or chocolates, flowers and ribbons. You can also find croquembouches made of macaroons. In addition to weddings, these show-stopping dessert towers can also be found at baptisms, and first communions.

A croquembouche can also be referred to as a pièce montée (which means "assembled" or "mounted piece". What's the difference? Croquembouches are always inteded to be eaten. Their counterparts, pièces montées, are often are merely decorative. Although made of edible components (like marizpan, confectioner's paste and spun sugar), a pièce montée is meant to serve as a visual centerpiece, a type of food architecture.

Here are our bon bons towers, which pay homage to the French croquembouche. I wouldn't classify them as pièces montées since they were definitely meant to be consumed. In fact, photographer Millie Holloman assures us that not a single bon bon was left at the end of the night! Look closely at this photo, and you will see that at least one bon bon has already been removed.

Want your own bon bon tower for an upcoming party? It takes approximately 120-150 bon bons to create one tower. Pricing starts at $275. Call us for more details: 910-762-6882.

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