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Why We Love Our Customers: Reason # 174

In the past, we've shared several reasons why we love our customers: you send us great mail; you take "tres bon bon" photos; you place creative orders; and you bring us cool stuff! Well, here's another reason we haven't mentioned yet:

#174: You Make Us Giggle (and Gurgle)!

We are blessed to have a customer who has one of the sunniest dispositions we've ever encountered. Her bright and cherry attitude is matched by a melodious speaking voice and a completely infectious giggle. Every time she comes to South 'n France, she elevates our mood!

We were completely thrilled when Jane came to our Easter Open House. She was our Easter Bunny this year, surprising us with a most unique gift--a GurglePot! It's a water pitcher shaped like a fish that gurgles after you pour water, wine, or the beverage of your choice.

Of course, there is a fabulous French connection. The creator of the GurglePot, Matt Ellison, tells the story like this:

We tried the pot right away, and the gurgle (listen here) definitely made us giggle! Later that week, we entertained guests and served iced water to them in the GurglePot. True to its promise, it was the hit of the evening and a hot topic of conversation. Everyone enjoyed pouring their own glass of water and then listening for the gurgle.

What we love most about the GurglePot is that the gurgle makes of think of Jane and her fabulous giggle. Perhaps we should try to invent a GigglePot.....

Locally, look for the GurglePot at Bella Anne in Hampstead, (Phone: 910-270-6371) or A Proper Garden on Anne St. near Elijah's in downtown Wilmington (Phone 910-763-7177). At this writing, A Proper Garden has black, chocolate brown, oatmeal, merlot, and mustard colored GurglePots in stock. And the storekeeper said she's getting a big shipment of all 16 colors on or before Friday 4/23.


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