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My Favorite Toy

I have a new camera. A really cool, super nice, new camera. I'm so lucky to have a great friend who just happens to be an amazing professional photographer. So when it came to picking out a new camera, I left everything in her hands. And, let's just say that she hooked me up in style!

I experimented with my camera for the first time while on a trip to visit my nephew Carter who lives in Buffalo, NY now. You may remember him as the cute little bon bon bundle who was my sidekick at last year's Chocolate Festival. Although my camera is sure to provide me with hours of fun, it's not my favorite toy. That title belongs to my little buddy, Carter.

I got to take him for a walk (where we saw a dump truck and a live bunny rabbit!); I got to read him books; and much to his parents' chagrin, I bought new batteries for all of his toys that make noise! (That's what Aunties are supposed to do, n'est-ce pas?) Pascal and I can't wait for his next visit to Wilmington, which is just a few weeks away. You can be sure that my camera will get another workout then.

Meanwhile, here are my first attempts at capturing fun-time with Carter on film (or digital cards, to be more precise). Spring was in full bloom in Buffalo and Carter's Nan and I took him outside to enjoy the flowers in his front yard. I'm not sure if this is what photgraphers call flare (a good thing) or if it's just me getting the exposure wrong (a bad thing), but I love this shot regardless:

While shopping, I found a toy gardening set that included a miniature watering can, a spade, a rake, a pail and kiddie gardening gloves. I couldn't resist buying it for Carter so he could get some practice at his Uncle Pascal's favorite pasttime:

Carter is a really happy baby and he loves to ham it up for the camera. He was very aware that he was modeling for his Auntie. After each photo session, he would scoot over beside me to have me show him a preview of the photos I'd just taken on my camera's screen. He was very pleased with his modeling skills, and so was I:

This kid is a true daredevil! He loves scary noises, climbing suspension bridges, being thrown in the air, and lots of splashing in the bathtub.

When I got home from the trip, my friend (who is also an Aunt) and I were discussing how spending time with our young nephews puts everything in perspective. All of the stresses of running a business melt away, and we remember what's truly important. It's that "take time to smell the roses" thing (or in Carter's case, the tulips).

Looking for an instant mood lifter? I've got two suggestions: Treat yourself to a bon bon, or even better, hang out with a child. There's no better way to spend your day.


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