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Compliments Are Like Bon Bons

My favorite museum in Paris has to be the Rodin Museum. Located in a quaint period house with beautiful gardens and a charming outdoor cafe, this museum is small enough to fully enjoy in one visit (unlike its overwhelming counterpart, the Louvre).

The location really is the perfect setting for Rodin's incredible sculptures. I'm not just a fan of his art, I really like Rodin, the man, too. He was a fascinating character who seemed to have a real understanding and appreciation of women. Although I like several of his more memorable quotes, this is one of my favorites (for obvious reasons):

Rodin once said:

"Les compliments sont des bonbons dont les femmes raffolent toute leur vie ; jeunes, pour les croquer à pleines dents ; vieilles, pour les faire fondre doucement entre leurs dents."


Compliments are bon bons that women adore throughout their entire lives; young women eagerly gobble them up; older women savor them slowly until they've melted away.

I must be getting older because I recently received a very flattering offer to appear on the cover of a local magazine (more on this next week). When a staff member from the publication called to inquire about my participation, I assumed I had been tapped because of my affiliation with chocolate, since it is a very popular subject during the month of February. To my surprise the staffer said I was chosen for my lips! Weeks later, I'm still savoring this delicious compliment and looking forward to seeing how that photo shoot turned out....

What about you? Do you savor your compliments? Is you style of 'digesting' compliments the same style you use to eat a bon bon? How do you eat a bon bon?

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