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South 'n France Turns 5!

On February 4th, 2011 South 'n France will turn 5 years old! It does indeed take a village, and South 'n France thanks everyone who has supported us over the past five years. We wouldn't have made it this far without the help of our entire community and the enthusiastic support of our clients from New York to North Carolina to Florida to California. But with age comes change and this could not be more true for our business. Here are the top five ways South 'n France is like a five year old...

1. Five-year -olds use approximately 5-8 words per sentence...just enough to say "Mommy can I have more bon bons!"

2. The average five year old weights about 45 lbs...that's 720 bon bons!

3. At age five you begin to really learn the importance of sharing...good thing you are never too old to not share a bon bon!

4. Five-year-olds sleep approximately 10-11 hours per night...that's 3 times as much sleep as we get during the Christmas season!

5. At age five children are beginning to improve their fork and knife skills...good thing eating a bon bon requires neither!

6. Five-year-olds can finally understand the concept of big, bigger, biggest...which means they can confidently tell you they want the biggest tin of bon bons South 'n France offers!

7. Five-year-olds like to try new things...the perfect age to begin tasting all 7 of our flavors!

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