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Death By Chocolate

Happy March! Have you turned the page in your South 'n France calendar yet? If so, you've seen this photo along with the quote "Waiter, I'd like to order the Death By Chocolate, but just enough to put me in critical condition!" But did you know death by chocolate has actually happened?

In the 17th century in Chiapas, Mexico the church dictated a chocolate ban that forbade anyone from eating or drinking the food during church services. Upper class Spainards were so addicted to the sweet that they refused to adhere to the ban and started attending worship services in convents. In addition, the Bishop who passed the law was consequently found dead due to poison being mixed into his daily cup of chocolate.

Lucky for you chocolate is not only legal but delicious, and to our knowledge no one has actually died from too much chocolate. So in the spirit of defiance, be sure to treat yourself to some of our bon bons this month!

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