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Sealed with a Bon Bon

If bon bons had resumes, our product would have a diverse job history. They've taken on jobs as get well gifts, forgive me gifts, birthday gifts and more. But perhaps one of their greatest job titles is that of "The Closer".

You see, many of our customers use bon bons to win over new clients for their businesses. For example, a medical billing specialist often sends bon bons as an extra touch before landing a new account. A lawn maintenance and landscaping company uses bon bons to 'sweeten the deal' with prospective clients. And another talented salesperson will often put our bon bons as a way to showcase her creativity and personality, putting her in a completely different league from her competition.

We're proud to say that we our bon bons have successfully landed new business, big accounts, and many dollars in profit our loyal customers. In fact, it seems that are bon bons are fast becoming synonymous with 'sealing the deal', 'closing the case' and 'clinching the sale'.

As evidence, take this recent Facebook conversation between a stellar sales professional and her support system. She starts the thread by writing: Please send good vibes my way...HUGE meeting this morning with a prospect...praying we can pull this off!!!!

Friends send their support by 'liking' her post and sending comments such as:

Good Luck- I know you will do well!!

Once they encounter your charm, it's all over!

You GO, girl!!!

Praying for you - wish I was there!

Here's what happens after the meeting:

Although our bon bons didn't get to play The Closer this time, they'll be ready and waiting for the next opportunity. Meanwhile, enjoy this testimonial from another business owner who swears by bon bons as a way to boost his bottom line:

"South 'n France sent out bon bons to some of my best customers on Monday. One of them got their bon bons today, picked up the phone with their mouth full of chocolate, called me, thanked me for the incredible bon bons, and placed a $1000 order. I haven't even paid South 'n France yet, and my ROI is 5 times my investment.

If you aren't using South 'n France to send thank you or holiday gifts to your customers, you are CRAZY! Call her today!" --Kent Milholland, Neonexus Corporation


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