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I've Gone Nuts

Participants from across the country (17 different states!) joined in to hear our best branding secrets in a nutshell. When we asked them (via SurveyMonkey) if they would recommend it to other people, we received a unanimous “Yes!” Our favorite response was: “Yes! And have already done so!”

We wanted to know how our webinar compared to others that our participants may have attended, so we asked them to rate us against them on a 1 to 10 scale. The Branding: In a Nutshell Webinar consistently earned 9’s and 10’s from our participants with comments like: “one of the best” and “way better than other seminars I’ve attended”. Based on their feedback, it looks like nearly all of our participants plan on joining us for our next webinar, Marketing: In a Nutshell.

Meanwhile, we wanted to share some of the specific feedback we’ve received. Here’s are the reviews:

“Excellent webinar! Lots of invaluable information that really got the wheels turning!”
“Easy to access and very informative!”
“The visual references really pulled it all together for me and the positive upbeat manner the information was presented (you gals rock!).”
“The hosts were funny and knowledgeable.”
“I liked that there were two people sharing ideas. The pace was great and I didn’t feel like there was any dead time.”
“You two have a great amount of energy and recount many good personal stories about mistakes and triumphs.”
“I enjoyed hearing Millie and Charlene interact with each other about their learning experiences. I learned from them about what works with brands and logos and how to keep things fresh, how to reach out to clients and treat them like rock stars.”
“I think this webinar was fantastic.”
“Fantastic, chock full of info, you had fun, you were fun to listen to, you made me laugh, and I walked away with some great reminders.”
“Very helpful. You two definitely did your research! Thank you for making it worth my time!”

If you missed out on our first webinar, it’s not too late to access our branding presentation. We’re excited to announce that in just a week or so, we’ll be releasing a recorded version of the webinar. It will be free to everyone who attended and on sale for $49 for anyone who was not able to participate in the live webinar. In addition to the recording and (rockin’) slide show, we’ll also include a Branding Jump-Start Questionnaire and a helpful resources list for your reference. Now, you can enjoy your branding ideas, tips, secrets and examples whenever you choose. We’ll post the link to purchase the branding presentation within the next two weeks so stay tuned!

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