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S=Sweet and Stylish

For me, the wedding of the century will also be Lady Di's wedding. I remember it well. I had just turned nine years old. The wedding was broadcast around the world (and with an estimated global TV audience of 750 million, it is still the most popular program ever broadcast). My Mom and I got up at the crack of dawn to witness this fairytale spectacle on live television. It felt like one of the most exciting days of my life.

I was only wearing a summer nightgown, but I had no problems imaging what it must have been like to be Diana wearing that sumptuous tafetta wedding dress with the 25-foot train and the puffy, ruffly sleeves. As a little girl who had grown up playing "bride", watching a real-life princess bride felt like the next best thing to having my own wedding.

That's why this year, I had to scoff when the American media tried to create a similar level of buzz around former first daughter Chelsea Clinton's wedding. They dubbed it an "American Royal Wedding". Hardly.

Although I love all weddings (and Chelsea's did indeed look beautiful), there was only one part that felt truly magical to me--the welcome bags. It is a fairly recent tradition for brides and grooms to welcome out-of-town guests to

In addition to being one sweet-looking bag, the contents are what really astounds me. Presented with an ā€œSā€ theme, the items all fall under a category that begins with the letter S. The following are some of the categories including the item that went with it:

  • Sip: Wine
  • Snack: Pretzels
  • Scribble: Note paper
  • Sweet: Cookies
  • Shop: A reusable shopping bag
  • Savor: Fresh peaches
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