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Not Famous, But Funny!

It's "yesterday's news" now, but in May, I managed to travel all over the world. From New York City to Madagascar (!), people saw me everywhere. That's because my face was emblazoned across the front page of the Personal Section of the Wall Street Journal. There were two photos of me (a current photo where people I say I look like Paula Dean--an observation to which I can only reply: "Lawd, help me!") and my high school yearbook photo where I am sporting huge hair and an equally bulky sweater.

It was an experience to say the least! I've shared some of the behind the scenes moments in this blog post.

But lest there be any confusion as to who is the real "star" in our family, get a load of this photo taken during the Wall Street Journal photo shoot by D.J. Struntz. Pascal was supposed to passively look on as I packaged a tin of bon bons (packaging, of course, is actually one of his jobs). Based on his expression, it seems that this is one area where I am Least Likely to Succeed!


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