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Special Delivery

For years, we have been making local deliveries with our bon bons. Deliveries are one of the most rewarding and, sometimes, one of the most frustrating parts of our work. You wouldn't believe all of the hidden streets, unmarked houses, and crazy locations that exist in and around Wilmington!

We could ship all of our bon bons, but local FedEx packages often spend a day or two in transit. (They are often shipped from Wilmington to a warehouse in Charlotte; sorted and shipped back to Wilmington; and then put on trucks where they could ride around all day waiting delivery). When we deliver locally, the bon bons go directly from our kitchen to the recipient.

Our delivery territory is large--we have delivered to Hampstead, Carolina Beach, Wrighstville Beach, Leland, and once as far as Bald Head Island. When you look at it from a dollars and cents perspective, it doen't pay to spend the time, the gas, the miles, and the planning to make deliveries. But, we do it all for a different kind of payoff--happy customers. Earlier this summer, we completed a delivery that reminded us exactly why we offer this important service to our customers.

A new customer, who lives in Arkansas, found us online. She wanted to know if we would deliver to New Hanover Regional Medical Center. We replied that we could definitely deliver to NHRMC. She then explained that her daughter-in-law had just delivered a baby 10 weeks early, without her husband. He wasn't able to be there because he is a Marine serving our country. Our new customer wanted to give her daughter-in-law something delicious to eat (in lieu of flowers) because she hadn't eaten in two days!

Our new customer had also created a special message on her computer using her own graphic designs. She wanted to know if we could print it and include it with the bon bon delivery. (Again, the answer was: "Yes, of course!")

As fate would have it, I was the person who ended up making this particular delivery. I went directly to the maternity ward to ensure the bon bons reached their final destination in a timely manner. Come to find out, Rachel was in her room alone and couldn't get out of bed. So, with Rachel's permission, the receptionist agreed to let me go back to her room. Upon meeting Rachel, I was honored to play not only delivery person, but also nurse's aide to one brave mama! (Rachel, who was in pain, had been waiting for a nurse and needed a little help--pronto.) Her husband is a hero protecting our country, but I think the spouses of our military are just as strong and courageous as those who serve on the front line. Imagine giving birth alone, in an emergency situation!

The next day, I received a lovely note from our newest fan in Arkansas:

"You went above and beyond for EXCELLENT customer service! Thank you for making a personal delivery to my daughter-in-law, Rachel, in the hospital. And, I certainly appreciate you printing my own special message and adding it to the package. Rachel just texted me and said she "snuck" a Bon Bon (a nurse said she could 'sneak one' - she is still on liquids) and she said it was AWESOME! I think she's hooked!

My Very Best,

Catherine Janosky

P.S. I thought your website was wonderful. I have a feeling you will ultimately franchise your Bon Bon shop - if you aren't thinking about it yet - you should."

This story has a happy ending for all the deliveries concerned: Rachel's husband was able to return from deployment to be with his wife and their darling baby girl, Ava. She's what we call a special delivery! Our best wishes to the entire family and our thanks for being able to share in the joy of her arrival. We like to think that our tin of bon bons set the tone for a very sweet life, indeed.

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