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How's It Hangin'?

Inside our South 'n France 2012 Bon Bon Calendar, we made a pretty incredible offer: send us a photo of our calendar hanging in your home or office and we'll send you a $10 coupon toward any South 'n France purchase! Well, the photos have been pouring in, and we're having a great time seeing how our little calendar looks on your refrigerators, in your your cubicles, and on your walls! We know that images of our bon bons are already gracing the walls of an optometrist's office, an architectural firm, a financial institution, and even a dentist's office!

But, you've made us hungry for more! There is still time to email us your photo and take advantage of our special offer. Want extra credit? Send us a brief description of where the calendar hangs. While we wait for more photos, we thought we'd share a collage that features a few of our January pin-ups. Enjoy!

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