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'Liking' Port City Java Behind the Scenes

It's been nearly a year since we started our partnership with Port City Java, and we're proud to say that our bon bons are now sold in six Wilmington-based Port City Java locations (with more coming soon!). Each time we introduce our product into a new store, I visit the location to meet all of the baristas and teach them about bon bons. That meeting is always well-attended as it involves tasting all seven of the delicious flavors in our product line!

But it's not just the baristas who enjoy these new store 'meet-and-greets'--so do I. The baristas at Port City Java are the heart and soul of the company. They are a bright, talented, enthusiastic group. And they really care about their customers. So, when Megan Winters, the Marketing Director of Port City Java, told me she wanted to do something special to celebrate reaching 10,000 'Likes' on Facebook, I suggested showcasing the talents of this incredible crew.

Since I've spent years writing singing telegram lyrics to popular songs, I got to select the jazzy 1940's tune Java Jive, traditionally sung in 4-part harmony, and write some new lyrics. Megan bought the rights to the song, ordered the music, and recruited Cafe Managers Erik Maasch and Lauren Mazzola to sing with me. When our 4th part voice was unable to participate at the last minute, Erik brought in local theater personality George Domby to save the day. (Both Erik and George recently starred in the toe-tapping City Stage production of The All Night Strut).

And, when I say George was a last-minute addition, I mean it! We had less than 15 minutes to rehearse as a group before we were in front of the microphones at The Cape Fear Studio, recording the song. The ultra cool Mike Blair of Mike Blair and the Stonewalls played guitar. He's a Port City Java 'regular', and not the only customer to have a starring role in this project. Read on....

On a Sunday afternoon, we met up at Port City Java to spend a couple of hours recording video footage with etc. media. The store was still open, so quite a few customers got to watch us during the filming (and eat the leftover bon bons at the end of the shoot).

Here is some Behind the Scenes trivia for the Port City Java 10,000 Facebook fans video:

  • There is a reason why baristas Erik Maasch and Lauren Mazzola look so cute together--they are a 'real-life' couple!
  • The video was filmed at the Barclay Commons Port City Java Location, but when we arrived for filming, they had sold out of cinnamon buns. The starring cinnamon bun was brought in from the 17th Street location.
  • We used a bowl of bon bons instead of the 2-pack cellophane bags sold at the stores because cellophane doesn't read well on camera.
  • The 'at home' customer in her bathrobe and slippers is Amy Feath, another Port City Java 'regular' (and a very good sport!).
  • If I look extra peppy in my cameo appearances, it's thanks to the Frappa Cappuccino I am holding the first time I pop up from behind the counter. We tried several takes where I would sip the drink after saying my "Joe!" line. Although I love coffee, I don't drink it regularly and by about the 7th take, I was definitely feeling the effects of that sweet caffeine jolt!
  • Everyone coveted the giant "Like" buttons. In fact, the young girl in the video (daughter of Port City Java CEO Steve Schnitzler) proved to be quote the negotiator. She agreed to be in the video on the condition that she could take one of the "Like" buttons home!
  • No coffee drinks were harmed in the making of this video, but many were consumed.

I was honored to be a part of the Port City Java video, and I look forward to creating my own video when South 'n France Bon Bons hits 10,000 'Likes'. In fact, I already have a song in mind. I'll bet you can guess which one....


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