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Chocolate Luxuries!

Crave a rich chocolate treat? With the holiday season around the corner, you might be looking for the perfect chocolate gift for the chocoholic in your life--or searching for something special for yourself! There are a plethora of chocolate options, like gorgeous chocolate jewels, resort vacations, even designer pets. These high-end items are examples of how popular chocolate is as a luxury gift. In honor of the holidays, I've created a shopping list of dream presents for chocolate lovers. Pair these presents with our South 'n France bon bons for the ideal chocolate celebration!

If you are looking for jewelry, Tahitian Chocolate pearls have the glossy sheen of a perfect chocolate ganache, especially when juxtaposed against rose gold and sparkling white diamonds. I adore the gorgeous chocolate pearl pendants! Even more luxurious: chocolate diamonds! These jewels are a classic gift in an unusual fancy diamond color. Chocolate diamonds, mined in Australia, are named for their edible shades, like cognac, cinnamon, and champagne. I've put chocolate diamonds on my holiday wish list, but Pascal says chocolate bon bons, not chocolate diamonds, are a South 'n France girl's best friend!

Fancy a romantic chocolate themed vacation? Ever since I read about Hotel Chocolat Resort on St. Lucia, I've been thinking about an island vacation....of course, this beautiful island was colonized by the French! Named for the cocoa groves nearby, this resort is surrounded by beautiful rainforest views and has a spa like atmosphere. Vacations and jewelry aren't your only option; chocolate trends are everywhere.

If you are looking for a furry friend, for example, there is even a designer cat breed with a cocoa inspired name! The York Chocolate cat is known for its striking velvet-y chocolate fur. According to breeders, the York Chocolate is an affectionate family pet. Other breeds, like Persians and Havanese, are also known for their chocolate colors.

The fashion for luxurious chocolate gifts even includes once-in-a-lifetime desserts, like this gold-leafed cupcake from a Dubai bakery. If the $1000 price tag (in US dollars) plus a plane flight to the luxury capital of the Gulf seems a bit out of your price range, we are happy to supply you with our own 'grand' bon bons, sans the sticker shock. Our bon bons are certainly more affordable than the world's most expensive chocolate bar, a gold-wrapped treat with a $1600 price tag worthy of Willy Wonka's golden ticket!

Whatever holiday present you choose, make our South 'n France bon bons a part of your family's gift-giving tradition this season.



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