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Another Reason to Smile

Who doesn't recognize the Smiley Face?  It has become a universal symbol used in print, texts, and emails around the world. 

You'll find it emblazoned on everything from alarm clocks to teenagers' notebooks.  Artist Harvey Ball created Smiley in 1963, and the cheery yellow emblem immediately became a ubiquitous part of American culture, spreading optimism throughout the world.

My brother is a huge smiley face fan, and we share a long-running family joke about an infamous pair of smiley face pyjamas.  Here, you see me wearing them with my nephew, Carter, who received his own pair on his very first Christmas.

To highlight Harvey Ball’s contribution to global happiness and encourage acts of kindness, the first Friday of October was declared World Smile Day.   This Friday, practice a random act of kindness: send our bon bons to someone you care about!

Feeling blue? It might be time to celebrate World Smile Day with some South ‘n France bon bons of your very own. While our bon bons aren’t banana yellow, they’re sure to put a smile on your face! We may not have yellow bon bons, but we do have orange--- don't miss our seasonal, Pumpkin Bon Bon flavor, available now through Thanksgiving.


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