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Chocolate Tastings Tempt the Tastebuds

If you are a bon bon fan, you know that artisanal chocolates are a trend. Gone are the days when the average American settled for mass-produced, assembly line chocolates. Instead, chocoholics want something special. They want to experience chocolate as connoisseurs, as they’ve done with wine and gourmet cooking. Enter the chocolate tasting! In fact, the world’s largest chocolate tasting—the Salon du Chocolat—is being held this week!

Held in Paris from October 31st to November 4th of this year, the Salon du Chocolat will convene hundreds of chocolate-world exhibitors, so that ticket holders can visit booths for everyone from chocolate-maker Guylian to representatives of cocoa-producing countries like the Cote d’Ivoire. There will also be a chocolate-themed fashion show (it is Paris, after all), exhibits on pairings like chocolat et fromage (chocolate & cheese), and a competition to confer the Charles Proust Awards, for best pastry creation.

There are other wonderful ways to celebrate chocolate! Clotilde, of the delightful blog Chocolate & Zucchini, for example, participates in the exclusive Chocolate Appreciation Society. This society is made up entirely of serious chocolate lovers! It’s my dream to host a similar club of Southern chocolate aficionados one day. Like wine and cigar clubs, Clotilde and her fellow members meet every other month to have a theme meal centered on chocolate. Previous themes have included tea-infused chocolates, Japanese chocolatiers, and other special motifs.

While I am not yet the Queen of an exclusive chocolate club, Pascal & I love chocolate tastings! Our South ‘n France chocolate tastings are events where chocolate bon bons can be sampled, either individually or in combination with other foods and beverages, in a manner that accentuates their unique flavors and qualities. Like a wine tasting, a chocolate tasting is a wonderful way of selecting your favorite bon bon flavor.

At South ‘n France, we host or participate in multiple types of chocolate tastings:

  • This summer, at the downtown Wilmington’s signature wine bar, The Fortunate Glass, we offered a bon bon and wine experience. Five flavors of our bon bons were juxtaposed against a menu of red, white, and sparkling wines. Champagne & bon bons make for a perfect girls’ night out!
  • If you’ll be in the New York metropolitan area this fall, we are going to exhibit all our bon bons this Sunday at the Chocolate World Expo on November 4th. Surrounded by chocolate, you are sure to swoon. Located in Westchester, the expo is only thirty minutes from NYC.
  • Meanwhile, if you want a little much-needed pep from a taste of chocolate in a busy day, stop by Wilmington’s Port City Java locations for a bon bon duo. With their espresso and latte options, you can create your own impromptu coffeehouse tasting on the fly!
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