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Best Chocolate Dessert in Wilmington When You're Eating In

Recently, local magazine Focus on the Coast polled readers about their favorite chocolate desserts—and South ‘n France made the list! We were especially thrilled to be the only chocolatier mentioned.  All of the other 'best chocolate desserts in Wilmington' can be found at restaurants and wine bars. 

We love to support local restaurants-- I just had an incredible lunch at RX on Castle Street; the restaurant we frequent the most is Caprice Bistro on Market Street (Chef Thierry Moity puts the French in French fries--we love his steak-frites with sauce au poivre), and during our busy seasons, I have been known to order the Happy Asian Melody as take-out dinner from Indochine.  We were delighted to see other Wilmington restaurants getting their due for their chocolate creations, but what do you do for your chocolate fix on nights when you feel like staying in?

Enter South 'n France Bon Bons.  Thank you to our many loyal fans and supporters who emailed our name as a suggestion for Best Chocolate Dessert in Wilmington.  Here are a few of the comments that we got to see (we love the "hands-down" expression, which seemed to be a theme in our entries, something we found perfect for our handmade, hand-dipped chocolates):

“My absolute FAVORITE chocolate dessert in Wilmington is hands-down, without a doubt, nothing better: SOUTH 'N FRANCE BON BONS!! So many flavors are delicious, but I think my favorites are Cafe Au Lait and Coconut....”—Katy

“The bon bons at South ‘n France are to die for! Each of the flavors are unique, each handmade..... Hands down the best chocolate in Wilmington!!”—Bob

So, our advice?  Wilmingtonians (and everyone else in North Carolina and beyond!!!):  stock your freezer with South 'n France Bon Bons.  The next time, you're sitting at home craving a little piece of chocolate decadence after your own home-cooked meal (or heck...even your own frozen pizza--we have recently become obsessed with the frozen Tarte d'Alsace and Tarte aux Champignons at Trader Joe's.  With a salad, one makes for a wonderfully light and satisfying meal à deux!), head to your fridge for the chocolate bon bon dessert by one local business that gives you a gourmet chocolate fix right at home!


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