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Eat More Chocolate...For Science?

While you can guess that our South 'n France bon bons are award-winners, did you know that there is a connection between chocolate and the Nobel Prize? According to a recent study published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine and reported on in the Health section of Time.com, countries with higher rates of chocolate consumption produce the highest number of Nobel Prize winners.

The Swiss are the world's leading chocolate makers and Nobel winners, leading scientists to speculate on the potential connections between chocolate and intelligence. Other European countries famous for their cocoa consumption, like the Netherlands and France, show evidence of this surprising finding, too. Even the author of the study, Dr. Franz Messerli of Columbia University, reports that he eats chocolate daily.

Does chocolate really make you smarter? Is it the secret to winning a Nobel Peace prize?  The Nobel jury is still out on that one! But, chocolate does have some brain-boosting benefits, according to Dr. Messerli. Full of antioxidants, his favorite dark chocolate can improve heart and brain functions, for example, and may help stave off cognitive decline as you age.  Eating chocolate may not win you the Nobel Peace Prize, but you're sure to have a more blissful and peaceful day whenever you indulge in our South 'n France bon bons.  At least we think it's the smart way to go...

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