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Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Bon Bon Orders

Christmas may be our busiest holiday, but Valentine’s Day is the most interesting by far. It's a polarizing 'holiday'--some people love to celebrate love; others are vehemently anti-romance!  Here at South 'n France, we've learned to expect the unexpected in February. Here are a few of my favorite Valentine’s Day stories:

If you steal a bon bon, do you steal a heart? I’ve written before about our favorite Valentine’s Day bon bon thief.  Years ago, one of our regular customers bought her boyfriend a heart-shaped box of bon bons for Valentine’s Day….and was tempted to taste just one! Since our heart-shaped boxes were arranged just so, she realized it was obvious to her sweetheart that she’d “borrowed” one of his bon bons and had to phone us for a substitute one at the last minute. Luckily, their story had a happy ending: they’ve since married and we (and South ‘n France bon bons) were invited to their wedding.

Want to get engaged? Ordering bon bons on Valentine’s Day seems to increase your odds! We’ve provided bon bons for the engagements and weddings of multiple members of the same family, believe it or not! We recently made bon bons for the bridal shower of the younger sister of a long-time local customer, Daniela. I met Daniela years ago when her then-fiancee, now-husband Bryn, requested a singing telegram. He was overseas in Spain, so he sent me to sing her a special Valentine’s Day message (to the tune of the classic song “Earth Angel”). Daniela told me that she’s had the text of that singing telegram framed. Now it hangs in the home she shares with Bryn! Here’s a sample lyric:

Daniela, Daniela

Bryn says: “Babe, won’t you please be mine?”

Because he loves you and wants you for his Valentine

He sent The Bon Bon Queen, to play his fool

‘Cause he’s just a fool in love with you

Oooh ooh ooh ooh

When Daniela's little sister, Corina got married, she had bon bons at her wedding too.  Corina is also one of our best raving fans who regularly sends us Instagram love.  

What’s my favorite Valentine’s Day story?

Well, that would have to be the first chocolate festival that Pascal and I ever did, back in February of 2006. We’d just launched South ‘n France and we were so busy! And terribly nervous! We spent the entire weekend at the festival (which was, luckily, a big hit for South ‘n France). At the end of that Sunday afternoon, Pascal took a brief break and went to look at the other chocolatier’s booths while I stayed at our booth. I wasn’t expecting him to bring me anything back—or any fancy gifts, really (link to diamonds post?), since I’m not a diamonds and champagne girl—but he came back with a gift bag for me.

“Pascal, what did you buy?” I said, but he wouldn’t tell me! When I opened the present, I found a single chocolate bar from another vendor. There was a single sentence written in the chocolate:


I kept the chocolate bar—it was too cute and sentimental to actually eat—and froze it as a keepsake of our first South ‘n France Valentine’s Day.

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day bon bon memory? Don’t have a really special one yet? Well, make this Valentine’s Day memorable with South ‘n France!


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