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Bon Bons and Pressed Cotton

The Pressed Cotton website reads:  "It all begins with a piece of pressed cotton.  A wedding announcement, a party invitation, a greeting that unfolds into a gathering of friends and family."

For me, it all began with one of the founders of Pressed Cotton, Millie Holloman.  Shortly after Pascal and I moved to Wilmington and started South 'n France, I had the great fortune of meeting Millie at a networking event for the wedding industry.  As Millie is known to do, she changed my world for the better.  We became fast friends and collaborated on a myriad of creative business projects.

Through Millie, I met Jennifer Rose of Salt Harbor Designs and Millie's brother, Brent Holloman.  Millie, Jenn and Brent happen to be three of the most creative, talented, and stylish people I know.

It's little wonder that they joined forces to create a business devoted to beautiful, sophisticated "goods for gatherings". The entire Pressed Cotton site, which features paper goods, table accessories, favors, lighting, and more is organized by both style and category.  This isn't just eye-candy, it's a visual eight-course gourmet feast.  Pinterest lovers are sure to overindulge in the elegantly styled images and creatively presented ideas for weddings, galas, dinner parties, and home.

When Pressed Cotton decided to add a Favors department featuring hand-crafted edible treats, we were delighted to be included in the line-up along with grits, honey, ice cream sandwiches, and cake pops.  Don't you just love the simple, tasteful packaging Brent created for the Pressed Cotton South 'n France Bon Bon?  It's a look that blends seamlessly with several of  Pressed Cotton's styles like: Romantic, Gardener, Southerner, and Explorer.

Can't get enough of the inspired Pressed Cotton products?  Check out this impeccably styled shoot on Style Me Pretty.  As for me, since I'm writing this on a Sunday, I'm ready for a citrus-inspired brunch.  My mouth has been watering ever since I saw these photos by...you guessed it...Pressed Cotton.

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