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French Women Don't Sleep Alone

Note: This blog post was first published on June 26, 2009.  I have re-posted it in celebration of Jamie Cat Callan's new book, Ooh La La! French Women's Secrets to Feeling Beautiful Every Day:

In a recent post I told you how I came to read French Women Don't Sleep Alone. Perhaps you might want to know what I actually thought of the book. In the interest of full disclosure, I must confess my initial skepticism. Although I had committed to reading it, I thought that the book wouldn't apply to me. First, I already know quite a bit about the French. Second, I'm a happily married woman who sleeps double in a king-sized bed (I'd much rather a queen-sized bed... but that's an entirely different blog entry). What could I possibly learn from French Women Don't Sleep Alone? Turns out, a lot.

If you sleep alone, if you sleep single in a double bed, if you sleep with others, heck, even if you're an insomniac, you can (and should) read this book! Because here's the scoop: that scintillating, provocative title is just the kind of thing this book has to teach you. The reason French women don't sleep alone is because they know how to be provocative, mysterious, sexy, and downright coquettish. Not only did they invent the term "coquette" (what we call a "flirt" or a "tease"), they make sure that these skills are passed down from generation to generation. That's how author Jamie Cat Callan got interested in the subject. Jamie's grandmother was French, and Jamie was intrigued by her seductive and mysterious ways. Jamie set off for Paris, where she interviewed hundreds of French women (and some men) too, so that she could finally crack the code. Here are some of the things Jamie discovered:

French women don't date; you'll be surprised at how they meet men!
French women invest in nice, matching lingerie and they wear it every day.
I've always envied French women for this and I've never been able to pull it off with the same panache. One tip that Jamie gives was a major “"aha!" moment for me.
French women "seduce" everyone they meet. Everyone - men (married, single, young, old), other women, babies, dogs. You'll learn the art of French seduction is very different from what you might think.
French women do "sexy" with very little makeup, a small wardrobe, no diets and limited workouts. So what on earth are they doing? You'd be surprised to learn that it involves book clubs, reading glasses, and eating!

Just like the French women she writes about, Jamie Cat Callan's book is smart, seductive and full of surprises. You'll find recipes, poetry, quotes, beauty tips, funny anecdotes and outrageous suggestions. Want to know how to have firmer breasts? Jamie will tell you the French secret. Want to know the French woman's equivalent of eating an entire bag of potato chips? You won't believe it! (And you might just hate them for it... I think I do!)

If this post has piqued your interest about Jamie's book, it simply means that I did indeed learn a thing or two about how to capture someone's attention, how to seduce them with an air of intrigue and mystery, and how to - as Jamie says - express my inner French girl! What are you waiting for? Buy this book and no matter whom you do or don't sleep with, you'll have more fun everywhere - from the bookstore to the boardroom to the bedroom!


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