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B is for Bride and Bon Bons!

In case you haven't noticed, it's full-on wedding season!  Some of our South 'n France bon bons just went out the door to grace the dessert bar at the wedding of a beautiful woman who is both a bride and a wedding photographer!

In the event of the year for Wilmington's wedding industry, Lisa Brown of Bella Rose Photography and Matt McGraw of Matt McGraw Photography have tied the knot!  But what's extra-special about this wedding, in our humble opinion, is that it's a true South-and-France wedding.

The couple actually exchanged vows twice--once in Paris, and once at the City Club right here in Wilmington.  Check out this incredible video shot in the City of Light by Matt Davis of LifeStageFilms.  I confess--I cried.  The beauty, the joy, the emotion, the scenery, the French well-wishers...c'était la vie en rose!  Lisa lived a dream that I have always held--to be a bride in Paris.  Her wedding gave me hope that it is not too late!  Hopefully one day, I'll have my own Parisian wedding video.

Meanwhile, we're taking joy in the fact that our humble bon bons are playing a delicious role for many a bride and groom.  June has long been the most popular month to get married.  Juno, after all, was the Roman goddess of marriage. She would bring prosperity and happiness to all who wed in her month.

From a practical standpoint, June means warmer (or hot!) weather.  (Down South, April means warmer weather and is also wildly popular with local brides who want to take full advantage of the azaleas and flowers in bloom).

Dig deeper and you'll learn that historically June was time for one's annual bath (can you imagine?).  Such practicality played an important role in date selection.  Not only would one want to smell good for one's wedding, but if married in June, the bride was likely to birth her first child in the Spring, allowing her enough time to recover before the Fall harvest.

Speaking of Spring, at the beginning of this year's wedding season, Sarah Cook of SoHo Events Design & Planning (So Ho is short for Southern Hospitality--adorable, n'est-ce pas?) asked us to supply bon bons for a Spring-themed 'inspirational' styled wedding shoot that appeared on the website, Trendy Bride.  These photos, by Keepsake Memories Photography appeared in the feature.   We think the monogrammed B stands for Bride.  And Bon Bons.  And Beautiful too.

Whether you get married in Paris, France or Paris, Texas; whether you tie the knot in January or in June; we'd love to add a little extra touch of sweetness to your wedding too.  Bon Mariage and Bon Appétit!

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