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Scent-sational Chocolate

Recently, via Facebook, we learned that we have a new neighbor!  She tagged us with this post:

 “I just moved into the neighborhood and the smell of chocolate on my morning runs is killing me! It's worse than bacon. Yum!”

We had already noticed that the neighborhood cats like to camp out on the sidewalk in front of our building on the days Pascal bakes brownies for our Fudge Brownie bon bons.  And, when customers come to buy chocolate from our kitchen, they often remark:  "Oooh....it smells so good in here!", but I had no idea that people walking (or running) by our place could also smell chocolate in the air!

It turns out that our new neighbor, Kimberly, isn’t the only person who swoons when she can smell chocolate.  Now, there’s research to confirm it. A recent Belgian study revealed that people who smell chocolate actually buy more books—and not just any books, but romance novels. According to NPR:

“Researchers spent 10 days observing customers in a Belgian bookstore. For part of each day, a subtle chocolate scent was released into the air. Customers were 40 percent more likely to buy romance novels and cookbooks, and about 22 percent more likely to buy books in other genres when the chocolate scent was present.”

Of course, real estate agents and home stagers have been recommending baking cookies or brownies before Open House events for years, but this is the first I’ve heard of a link between chocolate and book sales.  It does make sense.  After all, we associate the smell of chocolate with happy memories: summer evenings eating hot fudge sundaes, chocolate birthday cakes, and hot chocolate on cold winter nights.  Of course, let's not forget receiving South ‘n France bon bons as a holiday gift or laughing with friends while tasting bon bons during one of our parties.

What does the smell of chocolate evoke for you? Tell us in the comments or on our Facebook page. Better yet, visit us today!


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