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Bon Bons on the Bucket List

Pascal owns the movie:  The Bucket List.  In fact, he owns every movie where Jack Nicholson plays a crotchety old man. (God help me, this is what he aspires to in his old age!)  If you haven't seen the movie, it's the story of two terminally ill men who form an unlikely friendship.  They break out of a cancer ward and travel the world, fulfilling a wish list of to-dos before they "kick the bucket".

Since the movie's release in 2007, "bucket lists" have gone mainstream.  And, South 'n France is proud that our bon bons have made "bucket lists" more than a few times.  Recently, Lily, a rising 8th grader at local school Roland-Grise, revealed that trying South ‘n France bon bons for the first time had made her summer bucket list.

Hearing that Lily had put us on her bucket list, I rushed from my office into the kitchen, curious about the other things on her list:

First of all, she’d won four Disneyland Resort Park Hopper® Tickets in a raffle.  She and her family had gone to Disney on the way to see her brother graduate from the Marine Corps in Florida.  Back in North Carolina, she had spent long days at the beach and gone strawberry-picking at Lewis Farms. As Pascal wrapped up an entire pound of South 'n France Bon Bons for a decadent evening of bon bon tasting, Lily explained that she was headed to Jungle Rapids (another bucket list item) the very next day.

Not only did we beat out Wilmington's only water park, we had also ranked ahead of these fun bucket list adventures:

  • Paddleboarding
  • A mani-pedi spa day
  • Learning to make pineapple salsa

Although I didn't know the term "bucket list" when I was Lily's age, I bet Disney, bon bons, and mani-pedis would have been the highlight of my 8th-grade summer, too. Come to think of it, they'd be the highlight of my summer at any age!  As for Pascal, I asked him what's at the top his bucket list and he replied (a la Homer Simpson, another of his idols):  "a bucket of pork chops"!

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