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Happily Ever After Starts with a Dessert Bar

In our opinion, one of the greatest wedding trends to surface in the past five years has been dessert bars.  Instead of one traditional wedding cake for all, brides and grooms are selecting their favorite treats and assembling a veritable smorgasbord of sweets for their very happy guests.

Recently, Kathleen and David got married in our neighborhood at the beautiful Basilica Shrine of Saint Mary.  After the ceremony, they held a fun reception at the ultra-hip downtown event venue, The Atrium.

We supplied three apothecary jars filled with bon bons for their dessert table.  Imagine our delight when we discovered that their photographers, Suggs Photography, used our bon bons for the very important "ring shot".

Ring shots not only serve as a symbol of a couple's union, they also test the limits of the photographer's creativity.  Traditional ring shots often show the two rings sitting on top of a Bible, a wedding program, or a marriage certificate. Another classic is a close-up of a couple wearing their rings and holding hands.  But these days, creative photographers are composing ring shots that highlight all manner of wedding day details.  Check out this Pinterest page and you'll see ring shots on wine corks, soda straws, fruit, high heeled wedding shoes, books, macaroons, Scrabble tiles and even an Eiffel tower.  This, however, is the first time we've seen wedding rings on South 'n France bon bons!

Thanks, Suggs Photography, and congratulations to Kathleen and David!  We're certain that those rings are now infused with enough South 'n France sweetness to guarantee a lifetime of happiness!

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