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'Twas Right Before the Holidays at South 'n France

I've been taking a stroll down memory lane this Christmas season, looking back on our past several years in the bon bon business.  Our very first catalog which was a parody of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. You'll see that in Year Two we only had 6 flavors, or "bon bon elves" (our Cafe au Lait Bon Bon had not yet been invented) and we were pushing our holiday tins topped with gorgeous silk flowers and holiday greenery. I made every single one of those tins by hand, going through hundreds of glue sticks and suffering many burns! Now, we sell too many tins of bon bons to handcraft our tins in addition to our handmade chocolates.

Otherwise, it looks like the more things change, the more they remain the same. Everything else in this poem would still be accurate today. Enjoy!

T'was right before the holidays at South 'n France
Pascal was dipping chocolate as if in a trance
Charlene tied bows and ribbons with precision and care
Keeping true to their tag line: "Where Southern Flair meets Savoir Faire".

The bon bons were nestled all snug in their tins,
Ready to be opened by people with big happy grins.
Charlene dreamt of an island vacation far South on the map,
Pascal, the cranky Frenchman, just wanted a nap.

When on the roof of the pink house there arose such a clatter,
They both left the kitchen to see what was the matter!
Ms. South and Mr. France couldn’t get over themselves,
When they saw eight tiny reindeer and six bon bon elves.

The driver, in red velvet, gave them a wink,

Charlene cried, "It's Santa!", Pascal replied: "D'ya think?"

Even in the North Pole, South 'n France Bon Bons had achieved fame
Because that sweet Santa Claus called each of them by name!

"Cookie Dough! Coconut! Fudge Brownie, you little Vixen!
Peanut Buttah! Pistachio! Cookies with Crème all mixed in!
Each delicious flavor rolled by hand into a ball,

Then dipped oh so carefully - how, I love y'all!"

"Bon Bon Mugs, Bon Bon Parties, Gift Cards,  and more
Oh what a happy season these mortals have in store!
They can ship bon bons in plain tins or topped with a holiday bouquet

To family, friends and clients nearby and far away!"

"Order online and fill each gift with the flavors you select
Then choose an arrival date and message that you find perfect
Or call South 'n France to order by phone
By December 17th for standard shipping to each and every zone"

"Bon Bons make perfect gifts for others and yourselves

Yes, I really must confess they are my most favorite elves"

And then, in a twinkling, St. Nicholas climbed into his sleigh
The reindeer took flight and carried him away

South and France went back inside to finish Santa's bidding
Shipping bon bons galore - Ol' Saint Nick wasn't kidding
When things finally settled down, just before Christmas Eve
Charlene and Pascal took a moment during the reprieve

To thank every dear soul who supports South 'n France
For helping us grow and giving us a chance
Now it’s our turn to wish you health, happiness, and all things sweet
We hope your holiday season is as delicious as our bon bon treats!
Happy New Year and Bonne Année,
Charlene and Pascal

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