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How "Marketing Maven" Me Came to Be

My Twitter and Instagram profiles describe me in this way:  "Bon Bon Maker. Bon Bon Shaker. Marketing Maven. Decorator of Havens. Owner of South 'n France Bon Bons."

You might know me as The Bon Bon Queen - the lady who wears the funny hat - but the truth is I wear several different hats.  In recent years, the one I wear most often is that of a Content Marketing Consultant.  Here's how I switched hats....

In 2006, I launched a bon bon business, South 'n France Bon Bons, with my husband on a shoestring budget. In the first two years, I created the content for a website, started a blog, created a social media presence, and developed an entertaining monthly newsletter with a few thousands subscribers. Perhaps my most notable success, however, was our media coverage: over 60 articles in the media including at least a dozen full-color, full-length features—one in Fortune Small Business Magazine and CNNmoney.com.

Other business owners wanted me to share the secrets to my marketing success. How was I generating all of that buzz and attention with no marketing budget to speak of? Could I do the same for them?

I started helping these business owners during our slow season. The word spread. And in no time, I was working as a behind-the-scenes virtual Marketing Director for more than a dozen clients. I created a unique and highly effective testimonial service; I wrote successful press releases; I re-vamped newsletters to make them more engaging and effective; I created site maps, design strategy, and content for websites and blogs; I helped clients launch and run their social media campaigns; I brainstormed on marketing strategies; I branded new products; I even co-authored a book!

I may never officially hang up my Bon Bon Queen Hat (don't worry--South 'n France Bon Bons isn't going anywhere; it's still very much in business!), but I have officially hung out my shingle as a content marketing consultant.  Would you like me to work for you?  Give me a call at 910-762-6882. ~ Charlene Dupray

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