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Not All Crayons Are Created Equal (and Neither Are Marketing Strategy Sessions)

An Invitation from Charlene Dupray for a Very Colorful, Completely Personalized 2014 Marketing Strategy Session

This Christmas, I’m giving my 5-year-old nephew a book called The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt (illustrations by Oliver Jeffers).

It tells the story of a little boy named Duncan who opens his boxes of crayons to color. But the box is filled with letters from his crayons saying: “They quit!” Red is completely overworked, and Blue needs a break too—all of those bodies of water and skies have worn him down to a nub!

Instead of reaching for the same old crayons, Duncan looks at his coloring project in a new way, reaches for different crayons, and makes his most creative drawing ever, earning an A from the teacher.

But enough about Christmas and crayons, let’s talk about your marketing plan for 2014. How’s it looking? Is it as empty as an unused coloring book? Is it colored in the exact same way as years past? If so, we should get together. You see, my box of marketing crayons is one of those jumbo boxes—120 different colors with names like Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown, Atomic Tangerine, Screamin’ Green and Razzle Dazzle Rose. And, I’m willing to share:

From January 13th-January 31st, I’ll be scheduling four-hour appointments with business owners like you to get you started on your marketing strategy for 2014.

To maximize our time together, I’ll send you a pre-meeting questionnaire on January 2nd so I can review your company’s marketing objectives before we meet. Send me your current marketing materials, and I’ll review them too! On the day of our meeting, I’ll bring a calendar, a comprehensive marketing checklist, and my box of “marketing crayons” to help you map out a complete marketing strategy. We’ll outline the entire year, and then focus on a detailed, specific marketing plan for the first six months of 2014.

Each meeting will be fully customized, and I’ll provide creative ideas and direction where you want it most. Just like that Blue Crayon, the sky is the limit! Whether you need newsletter ideas, blog topics, or improved copy on your website, I’ll give you an infusion of intense color to jump-start your marketing efforts in 2014.

Most content marketing consultants charge anywhere from $2-20K for a customized marketing strategy plan with little to no help on the nitty-gritty of execution. I’ll provide you with the plan and how-to implementation ideas for just $500. Want in? I can schedule only 15 of these marketing strategy planning meetings (including current clients), so don’t hesitate. Email or call me at 910-762-6882 to schedule your appointment now. (And, if you have questions, call me with them too!)

I look forward to making your 2014 Marketing Plan just as detailed, interesting and colorful as Duncan’s drawing:


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