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Our Nightmare Before Christmas

At first, we thought that the things we were hearing were just "The sky is falling!" reporting, over-sensationalized  stories about  imminent disaster for chocolatiers and everyone who loves chocolate.

But as the year progressed, those dire predictions became our reality as we faced the biggest crisis we've seen since we started our business.  Our "nightmare before Christmas" started long before Halloween.  If you follow the headlines in the chocolate world, which you probably don't, (but I do!), the news has been terrible.

Here are a few of the headlines:

Cocoa Prices Hit a Two-Year High;

The Price of Cocoa Butter Rises 80%;

Not So Sweet News for Chocaholics;

Chocolate Meltdown: The World Will Run Out of Chocolate by the Year 2020.

Yes, even that last "doomsday" headline is real.  Can you imagine a world without chocolate?  Although the sky is not yet falling, our world started to crumble around us when our chocolate supplier DOUBLED the price of the chocolate we use for dipping our bon bons OVERNIGHT.   That's right.  Doubled the price.  In one fell swoop.

As CNN Money (London) reported:  "Growing demand in emerging markets and bad weather in major cocoa producing countries is pushing up the cost of key ingredients, leaving manufacturers little choice but to pass on some of that pain to consumers."

We spent the entire summer and fall working on "fixing" this problem.  How could we continue bon bon production and still charge the SAME prices? Despite dramatic increases in every single one of our staple ingredients, we are happy to report that we have not raised our prices in nearly four years, and that our prices and quality will remain the same this year.

Here's what will change:  Although our prices will remain the same, we will no longer discount our product because, quite simply, it's not an option.  The only discounts we will offer will be on Cyber Monday and Bastille Day

We thank you for your support and your patronage over the past seven years, and we sincerely hope that despite the gloom and doom our industry has been reporting, we will be able to continue to supply you and your loved ones with our handmade, hand-dipped artisanal treats until at least 2020.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us!

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