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Behind The Scenes for Our 2013 Catalog

When the year ends, as most people are taking down holiday decorations and creating New Year resolutions, I'm already thinking about the next year's holiday season.  One of the first things I focus on is the theme for our catalog cover.  "Giving birth" to our catalog covers takes almost an entire year.  This year, I started out with one theme in mind and ended up switching to another by late February.  I settled on the idea of creating a scene from Clement Clark Moore's classic poem, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, with all seven of our bon bons nestled snug in their beds, which meant the first order of business was finding bon bon beds.  Because I wanted all of the beds to be uniform, this meant months of bidding for beds on auction sites like eBay and Etsy.  I finally managed to acquire seven matching beds (and a few miniature dressers and night tables in the process).

Next, I needed to find bedding.  I contracted an Etsy seller for eight incredible miniature pillows and pillowcases, complete with Battenburg lace trim.  And, then, I turned to the person I usually turn to when starting any wild, creative project:  my mother.  Together, she and I scoured fabric stores and online resources looking for printed fabrics that not only matched the colors of our bon bon foils, but also had prints that had a scale small enough  to look right in a bon bon-sized quilt.  This took months; we finished in late August with about forty different fabrics.

Then, my very patient mother went to work on making seven miniature quilts.  She did an amazing job, don't you think?  While she was making bon bon quilts, I returned to the incredibly talented artist who made the miniature Christmas trees for last year's catalog (see photo left) and asked her to make one more.  This year, instead of having seven trees with seven unique monochrome color themes, I needed one multicolored tree to represent our entire line.

When all of the pieces of our holiday vignette were assembled, I headed over to Millie Holloman's photography studio where we set up our bon bon bedroom.  The quilts didn't lay naturally on the beds, so I had tape the quilts to the beds to get them to look like "made" beds.  I purposely made each bed a little different from the last to reflect the different personalities of each of our bon bon flavors.

We added a few accessories (do you recognize any from previous years?) to finish the scene.  My favorite is the Galleries Layfayette shopping bag (see the Eiffel tower?), hailing from the most famous and most exclusive department store in Paris.  I also love the little miniature hand sewn stockings that say "Bon".  Millie turned her camera on the scene- et voila!- another Christmas catalog cover was born.  It was nine months in the making, and that my friends, is no coincidence!

We hope you enjoy the results of our efforts.  It truly takes a village from concept to completion, including vendors, artists, photographers, graphic designers, and, of course, yours truly as director.  As for next year's catalog?  I'm waiting for inspiration to strike and all suggestions are welcome...


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