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Why We Drive Mini-Vans

We are a household of two with two mini-vans.  Despite having no children, I'm often mistaken for a soccer Mom as I drive around town in my "Mom-mobile".

One time, not long after my niece and nephew had come for a visit, I pulled through the bank drive-through in my mini van, with two empty car seats in the back seat.  "Would you like some lollipops?", asked the teller.  Pascal was very disappointed to learn later that evening that I had refused them.

We drive mini-vans because we can fit two freezers and all of our materials for chocolate festivals inside them. (Incidentally, we have also discovered that we can fit 10-foot kayaks in them too!)  We drive mini-vans because during the holiday season, they are large enough to accommodate the shipments we hand-deliver to FedEx each night.  This photo shows you what one of our mini-vans looked like last year during our busiest holiday shipping week as we loaded up for a FedEx drop-off.

While other companies measure their success based on spreadsheets, we measure ours based on how full our vans are each night in December.  While some people dream of a white Christmas, I'm dreaming of a two-van shipping night....

There's still room in our vans for more boxes next week.  Order your holiday gifts here.

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