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Memories of My Funny Valentine

Note: This post was first published in February 2011; my nephew is now five and he still thinks Pascal is hilarious.  I do too!

Eddie Valiant: Seriously, what do you see in that guy?

Jessica Rabbit: He makes me laugh. ~Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Although I am responsible for much of the 'entertaining' in our duties as a South 'n France duo, Pascal is the real comedian in the family. He's been making me laugh for nearly two decades. And, our two-year-old nephew thinks he's pretty funny too.

Here are a couple of snapshots from a recent outing with our nephew, Carter, who came to visit for a weekend. We went to the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher and then, we stopped in a locally-owned fast food establishment for a quick bite to eat (chicken nuggets and french fries were our nephew's request du jour).

One of my favorite stories about Carter is his own quick wit. Although Carter lives in Buffalo, and we only get to see him a few times a year, his Uncle Pascal has definitely made an impression:

One day, he was eating yogurt at home in his high chair. He kept shoveling a spoonfuls into his mouth and then opening wide to say "Aaaaaaaah".

"Don't do that!", said his mother. But, he did it again. "Carter, stop that", she implored. But he didn't stop. After a third mouthful-o'-yogurt display, his mother said: "Carter, that is rude, and you shouldn't be doing it. Who taught you how to do that, anyhow?"

Carter didn't miss a beat: "Pascal!!!", he replied, while grinning enthusiastically. Although Pascal did not teach Carter how to "do that", it's absolutely in character. At the tender age of two, Carter has perfectly pegged Pascal.

For Christmas, we gave Carter a t-shirt that says: "My Goal? To Be As Cool as My Uncle". Naturally, after seeing Pascal play with his food, Carter had to give it a try too. As for me, I'm happy to have not just one funny Valentine, but two!




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