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The Great Annual Bells Versus Bunnies Debate

Did you know that in France there is no such thing as the Easter Bunny? Every Spring when Easter's on its way, Pascal and I start the grand Bells versus Bunnies debate. It goes something like this:

FRANCE: This Easter Bunny ees so reediculous! Only zee Americans would think of a bunny to bring eggs and candy to the little cheeldren. This makes no sense!

SOUTH: Oh really? Well, who brings chocolate and Easter eggs to the children in France?

FRANCE: Zee church bells, of course!

SOUTH: What? You're telling me that in France, the church bells are responsible for bringing baskets and goodies to the children on Easter morning?

FRANCE: Yes, but of course!

SOUTH: And you don't think THAT's ridiculous? That's way less plausible then the Easter Bunny!

FRANCE: Non....why do you say this?

SOUTH: Well, Pascal, at least the Easter Bunny has legs! Bells can't even walk!

FRANCE: This ees true, but I still say "Vive la France and cook zee little rabbit so you can eat him with a deelicious cream sauce."

And so, the debate rages on. Meanwhile, Charlene wishes you a "Happy Easter" and Pascal says "Bon Appetit!"

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