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The Top 5 Most Memorable Bon Bon Orders

1. Bon Bon Towers

2. A man from the military called us trying to purchase a gift that would win back his girlfriend. It was a sunday and he wanted us to send 12 dozen roses, a stuffed animal, a 100 balloons, and chocolate, hand delivered. We took the challenge and had to rent a uhaul just to deliver all of the presents. (love for sale)

3. A girl bought bon bons for her boyfriend on valentines day but proceeded to eat a couple before she had the chance to give him the gift. We laughed when she told us that she spent a lot of time trying to rearrange the bon bons in the box so it looked like none were missing.

4. A man called needing to know if our bon bons were definitely on the way...he was stressed because it was Christmas time and this man and his wife had agreed to only buy each other one small gift because they were having financial troubles and the bon bons were the only present he had gotten for her. When he called it was already too late to Fed Ex them so my mother graciously drove the bon bons up to jacksonville to deliver then to his wife so she would have a merry christmas. (yes beau there is a santa clause)

5. We had a pregnant women show up on our doorstep to buy bon bons saying that she had begged her husband for them and he had not delivered so she was taking the situation into her own hands. When she came she was 2-3 weeks overdue and after eating the bon bons went into labor that night. (south 'n france welcomes a bon bon baby)

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