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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Give Bon Bons to Your Boss

1. Chocolate helps improve one's mood. Wouldn't you like your boss to be in a better mood?
2. Charlene is good with words; she can help you create a witty message that will make you sound appreciative without making you sound like the boss's pet.
3. You secretly think that your boss does nothing but sit around eating bon bons; for one day, it will actually be true!
4. Bon is the first half of the word 'bonus': bon bons just might send a very important subliminal message to your boss.
5. A recent study showed that chocolate improves cognitive performance. Need we say more?
6. We know we said 5 reasons, but we like to exceed expectations. Your boss will know you do too when you give our deliciously decadent bon bons as a gift.

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