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Why We Love Our Customers: Reason # 487

is the season of love, so we just couldn’t resist another installment of reasons why we love you!

#487: You've got personality!

As a small company, we pride ourselves on "doing it your way"; we encourage you to bring your spirit and personal stamp to every bon bon order you place and every gourmet party we host.

About a year ago, we hosted a Grapes and Crepes Party for a group of friends. One woman, who should have been at the party with her friends, was confined to bed rest due to pregnancy complications a few days before the event. Neither she nor her husband could attend. They were disappointed to miss out on the party, but their caring friends decided to have them join in the fun anyway. Their friends printed life-size photos of their faces, pasted them on Popsicle sticks, and brought them to the party. Throughout the evening we took photos of this cardboard couple "making crepes", "drinking wine", "posing with friends" and "eating bon bons".

On New Year's Eve, one of our guests brought party hats, noise makers, and ticker tape for everyone. Her contribution added an extra-festive touch to our midnight champagne toast. We've already got a Grapes & Crepes Party scheduled for Mardi Gras, and you guessed it... the organizer has asked to bring along beads and masks to do Fat Tuesday up in style!

Customers have brought us all sorts of things to package with the bon bons we ship as gifts: special greeting cards, spa gift certificates, jewelry, even adult toys (that was a surprise!). One regular customer always brings a few bottles of her favorite brand of non-alcoholic beer to each South 'n France party she attends.

And then there is our extremely organized customer (she organizes a busy Executive for a living) who took full advantage of our Early Bird Bon Bon Sale right after Thanksgiving. To track her many orders, she made an impressive spreadsheet with very detailed information: who she ordered for; what she ordered; the flavors she requested to custom pack each box; the style of the tin; and more. She was actually able to tell us the exact number of bon bons she had ordered as Christmas gifts - 315!

It doesn’t matter whether you're a Type A or a Type B, an introvert or an extrovert, a thinker or a feeler; we love your cute, quirky idiosyncrasies. I can't help but close this blog post out with a song that says it all. I grew up on the Tony Orlando and Dawn version, but here's Lloyd Price, the original artist, singing Personality.

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