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Release The Bon Bons; Shopping Cart Hunting Season Now Open!

I just love shopping online!  I have purchased vintage Christmas tree ornaments, a gold antique pocket watch, chandelier crystals and more from the superstore of cyberspace, eBay. And, I simply adore hunting through the jungle of books, movies and music on amazon.com. 

As much as I enjoy the thrill of the hunt, I’ve recently discovered that I also love being hunted!  When customers call to place orders, we ask them how they heard about us.  I enjoy hearing their stories about what led them to buy South ‘n France Bon Bons.  A woman in Maryland called while searching for a local alternative to flowers as a get-well gift for a relative who had leg surgery. We delivered a pound of bon bons that afternoon with best wishes for a sweet and speedy recovery.  A customer in Texas called to send birthday bon bons to her brother whose pat response to “What are you doing?” is always “Sittin’ around eating bon bons!”.  A Floridian called recently to say that she had been craving the best gourmet chocolate bon bons money could buy, and after looking at her options, she chose us (“But of course,” replied Pascal, modesty not being a primary characteristic of the French!).

If one enjoys being hunted, one mustn’t play hard to get.  That is why we just launched a completely customized online shopping cart!  Now, you can order bon bons anytime (think 3 a.m. cravings for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bon Bons).  Even better, our genius web gurus created the cart so that you can customize the flavors of every box of bon bons you purchase (want 8 Fudge Brownie, 2 Pistachio, 4 Coconut and 2 Peanut Buttah Bon Bons?—it’s done!)  Are you lucky enough to live in the Wilmington area near the bon bon factory?  Use our online shopping cart to schedule a bon bon pick-up or delivery.

So darlings, happy hunting! I’ll be hiding in plain view online, waving our fabulous new shopping cart as the South ‘n France flag of surrender.  We’re surrending to your pleasure, your convenience, and your desire for more of our delectable handmade chocolate bon bons.  Enjoy!

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Les Bon Bons

I’m taking a class right now where we have a most unusual homework assignment.  Our teacher asked us students to experiment with living our life as though we were starring in an inspirational autobiographical film. We are our own actors, directors, producers, set and costume designers.  After all, life is a stage and we are but the players, n’est-ce pas?  As we all know, films require soundtracks that enhance and support the story.  When one is living her life in Candyland as a Bon Bon Queen, it seems only right to go in search of sugary sweet background music. 

And so, I started compiling a play list with the help of my D.J. friend, Bob McKenzie of Sundance Sound.  We came up with songs like “C’est Si Bon” performed by Eartha Kitt (one of my all-time favorite singers!).  Of course, Ricky Martin’s “Shake Your Bon Bon” was a must.  Then, there’s “The Candy Man” as sung by Sammy Davis Junior and any of the tunes from the old-school Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory soundtrack.  D.J. Bob (of Wilmington’s Sundance Sound) introduced to me to a song I just love and hope to perform one day—“Candy Store Blues” by Maria Muldaur.  Since I am a child of the 70’s and 80’s, it only felt right to have C is for Cookie by Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster and Candy Girl by New Edition.  And, today’s pop queen starlets could be contenders—Mandy Moore with “Candy” and Christina Aguileira with her own “Candy Man” song.

But, it was Pascal, who found the most poignant Bon Bon song of all—Les Bon Bons by Jacques Brel.  Now, here’s the thing about French singers—and I’m talking about the old-timers like Charles Azanavour, Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel and those giants of the era when Parisian cabaret reigned supreme.  No one could interpret a song the way these singers could.  Oh yes, there were lots of singers with clearer bell-tone voices, better pitch, greater range; but when these artistes got up on the stage, they pulled you right in to their chanson.

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