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Never Bored with Bathing Bon Bons

I don't understand people who get bored easily.  I can always find ways to amuse myself.  Of course, my Mama always said that "Small minds are easily amused", but that's another story.  My Mama also grew up in a Depression-era farming family who believed very strongly in the "Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do, or Do Without" philosophy, also fondly referred to as "Waste Not, Want Not". 

I've spent years trying to make peace with this mentality, but it still pains me to throw stuff out.  Heck, to this day, I do just as Mama taught me and cut open tubes of hand cream with scissors to get that last little bit stuck to the tube, before I throw it away.

I guess it explains why I had this miniature beach chair still sitting around the house.  You see it was given to me as a gift (and, according to my upbringing it is a deadly sin to throw away a gift no matter how ugly, useless or cumbersome).  Now I confess, I didn't keep the entire gift.  Let me explain.  The "gift" was a small decorative box, just big enough to hold that little yellow-striped lawn chair.  Opening the box was an experience for the senses:  when you untied the ribbon and lifted the lid, you saw an ugly, scary, painted porcelain cicada reclining on that lawn chair and heard him chirping in a dreadful computer chip-induced monotone.  It only stopped when you closed the lid.

For those of you who don't know what a cicada is, it looks like a flying roach.  Some people call them locusts, but they're really an ugly cousin of the grasshopper, and they make that chirping noise that you hear at the end of the summer.  I had nightmares about that lounging cicada.  But, it was a gift...from my in-laws. 


I had to get rid of the cicada, but at least I kept the lounge chair.  And wouldn't you know it?  That Depression-era training, paid off.  One day, while working in the office, I looked up at that little chair and my small mind was easily amused.  I imagined a Bathing Bon Bon Beauty-- a way to remind people that since bon bons are best served cold, they make the perfect summertime chocolate. 

I am so grateful for my friend, Millie, who always goes along with my crazy whims.  I took a bon bon and the chair over to her photography studio, and though neither of us has any food-stylist-training, we had a blast photographing our gorgeous chocolate-spray-tanned model!  Millie's Mom joined in the fun, and supplied us with cane sugar to use as sand and the tiniest little seashells you've every seen.  We couldn't get our paper umbrella to stand up, so I had to chew some gum to create an umbrella stand.  The result is worth it, don't you agree?  Me?  Bored?  Never!  I find this Bathing Bon Bon Beauty very entertaining.
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