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Musings from the Bon Bon Queen's Chaise Lounge

Greetings from the Queen, Darlings!
Thanks to the marvelous technology of the modern-age, I have found a way to recline on my fainting couch, bon bons by my side, and send sweet little messages to all of my friends in cyberspace too. A proper fainting couch is a must-have for any true Southern Belle (I have two so far--one in my parlor, one in my bedroom). I'm oh-so-jealous of a dear friend who has one in her kitchen! I just love the idea of stirring some homemade pudding, putting a little roast chicken in the oven, and then restoring oneself with a nice glass of merlot while reclining on the couch....
Speaking of merlot, here is a little French lesson for you. In other parts of the country, people refer to the fainting couch as a chaise lounge. In French, it is actually "Chaise Longue", which literally means "Long Chair"(or "Chair Long" if you want to get really technical).
Somewhere along the way, a charming dyslexic soul reversed the letters and turned the Chaise Longue into a Chaise Lounge. Makes sense, though, doesn't it? These marvels of architecture are indeed perfect for lounging!
It's so warm here today, I'm feeling a little faint and my bon bons need to be chilled once again, so I'll sign off for now.
A bientot mes chers amis! A bientot.....
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